5 Things To Look For During a Mobile Home Inspection in Port St Lucie

As an investor in the mobile home market, it’s important to know these 5 things to look for during a mobile home inspection in Port St Lucie. You should be aware that there are rules under which residents in many mobile home parks are required to repair, The park may even initiate the repairs and bill you at their rate after a given deadline. You’ll need to keep this factor in mind when planning for your timeline and budget when renovating a used unit.


As with any type of home, rain is an enemy always seeking weak points of entry. Be sure to look for any signs of water damage during a mobile home inspection in Port St Lucie. While it may go without saying to check the roof. You will also want to check the interior roof for any stains on the ceiling, be sure to look up inside of cabinets, closets, and every possible area accessible to you.


Mobile homes can settle so open and shut every door and window during a mobile home inspection in Port St Lucie. Any problems with them being square may indicate the home is sinking. When you walk the exterior, check for apparent damage to the siding, condition of stairs and exterior aluminum,  Check the seals around the windows and doors, looking for gaps or other issues. Be certain they all open


Polybutylene piping (PB) is an important thing to look for during a mobile home inspection in Port St Lucie. Used from 1978 to 1995, this product resulted in a class-action suit due to damage caused by leaking pipes, the time period for claims having ended in 2007. Replacement is the only remedy and can run into the thousands, and cause issues with home insurance. The easiest access to view the piping is at the water heater or sinks and toilets where small lengths of the pipes come out of the wall. You’ll also want to make sure every faucet is functioning, so turn every handle. You should also flush every toilet.


Soft spots in the flooring is another item to look for on your checklist during an inspection in Port St Lucie. You will want to be extremely thorough in this matter. Try to stand on every available square foot of flooring and feel for softness. Sit down on a closed toilet and see if the floor seems to show signs of strain, which could indicate out of sight leaks. This includes the bathtub, where you may wish to stand and give a solid bounce, to check for solidness underneath.

Vapor Barrier

A compromised vapor barrier is an imperative thing to look for during a mobile home inspection in Port St Lucie. What you don’t want to see is any tears, sagging or the barrier showing signs of dividing into layers. This is the main line of protection against the subfloor molding and deteriorating beneath your feet. 

Air Conditioning

You will also want to look for air conditioners in the windows during an inspection in Port St Lucie. This may indicate there is no central heating or cooling system and could mean a large investment to install a central air conditioner and all of the venting. You will want to pay attention to any other cooling sources, such as fans or dehumidifiers, indicating the system may not be functioning at full capacity.

There are a great deal more of very important issues to identify during a mobile home inspection in Port St Lucie,  We know everything to look for, Lex Real Estate Group can not only help find problems, Lex Real Estate Group can locate the best deals for you! Send us a message or call 772-918-9730 today!

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